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You’ve heard people making cool cash from importation biz and you wants to see how it works or perhaps you want to see a working method to scale up your online home based Mini Importation Business and make 300% - 600% PR0FIT just as I do.

Don’t worry, I will reveal to you how to start your mini importation biz in less than 24hours with just N10,500 and grow it up to N150,000 to N300,000 within 5weeks.

Part of what you will also learn is how to find HOT in Demand Products For $3 (N 1,081.50) Or Less, Pay in Naira, Ship Into Nigeria in 5 Days or less And Show You The Easiest Places To Sell Them For 300% - 600% Profit Weekly

-- Let Get Started –



In the simplest term, importation is the act of bringing in products from another country at a cheap price and reselling to end user (consumers) in an attempt to make profit and as well satisfy their needs. 

It is the practice of having goods manufactured very cheaply in other countries according to specification and bringing them into your own country to sell at very high margins and profit.

You don't need to travel abroad before you can start this mini importation business. You do everything from the comfort of your home and your goods will be deliver to you here in Nigeria within 48hours.

Isn't this great ?

This is a business you can do anywhere you are in Nigeria.

BUT before you start thinking of mini importation, there are certain things you need to have in place as well as simple tactics you need to apply if you really wants to succeed in this business. 

Requirements to begin Mini Importation Business

To get involved in the mini importation business, you need some basic requirements, this will set you in a pole position to avoid mistakes and errors and afford you the chance to enjoy your importation journey.

To begin importing, you will need the following in place already:

A valid home address

A Naira MasterCard or visa ATM issued by any Nigerian bank of your choice

A startup importation capital (at least N10,000) to start with

The websites or online portals to do your cheap shopping.

A shipping company that will get your goods to you.

Knowledge of Mini importation business (This is all the guide you need for success in your importation business).

As you can see, the mini importation business does not really entails a lot of commitment from you, this is one of the reasons why it is one of the best online businesses you will ever venture in.

Most of the goods are very cheap so if you can imports the ones of high quality, your profit margin will really be mind-blowing.


How Profitable is the Mini Importation Business

The mini importation business is very profitable and like I stated before, the profit margin is really great and enticing.

There is a popular misconception that you need to start with a huge amount of money, the truth is that, you can even start with just 10,000 naira.

Let us run this mathematics, you get 10units of 5,000MaH power banks at the rate of 1,000 naira per unit from my source. Those power banks go for 5,000naira in Nigeria. Just do the simple arithmetic and see the profit potential already.

Again; you can buy something like (wristwatches, for example) at a low price and sell them at a higher price to make a tidy profit.

To increase the size of profit you can make, there are basically two options you have. You can either find a way/place to buy wristwatches at a lower price or look for customers who will buy them at a higher price.

This is how everybody in the retail (buy-and-sell) business makes money (profit). Buy low, sell high. It’s simple math!

To make sure you understand the mini importation business concept, i shall use a quick illustration:

Let’s assume you are the owner of a small business that sells foreign-made wristwatches. You have a small shop in which you display all your lovely wristwatches for customers to admire and possibly buy.

Because you can only afford to stock about one hundred wrist watches at a time, you have no option but to buy from big importers who, because of their large capital, can buy thousands of watches from foreign manufacturers at very low wholesale prices.

Although you would love to enjoy these low wholesale prices too (which will increase your profits), you don’t have the kind of capital the big importers have. Even if you could buy directly from the foreign product manufacturers, it would still be tough.

Attention: Anyone interested in starting a real international Mini Importation Business; and turning it into a thriving cash pumping stream of income.

Most manufacturers and suppliers have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirement. MOQ is the minimum quantity of products a supplier will sell to you in order to make a worthwhile profit. This is why they prefer to sell to the big importers who buy large volumes (container loads) of their products. Since you can only afford a few hundred watches, most of the big overseas suppliers won’t want do business with you.

As a result, you are stuck with the big importers. The profit you can make in your business is limited by whatever price they decide to fix on the imported goods.

The internet has brought down the walls which used to restrict access to manufacturers located thousands of kilometers away. Improvements in transportation and logistics now make it possible for small businesses with little capital to import smaller amounts of stock at low shipping costs.

Finally, entrepreneurs and small businesses can enjoy the same low wholesale prices that the big importers have enjoyed for a very long time.

Best Mini Importation Sites, websites and Portals

There are so many mini importation websites for you to begin your mini importation business. But there is Brand New System That Helps You Find HOT in Demand Products For $3 Or Less, an Import Portal, 1000% Cheaper than Aliexpress & Alibaba Combined;

Some of the popular website which beginners use to start their mini importation experience, unfortunately I don’t use this ones. I use an Import Portal, 1000% Cheaper than Aliexpress & Alibaba Combined. Order this job and get it.





New Egg

Ever Buying

DH Gate

IP mart

Made In China

Import Portal, 1000% Cheaper than Aliexpress & Alibaba Combined

A lot of people are making millions of naira from mini importation business.

If you want to learn how the mini importation business works or you want to see a working method to scale up your online Importation Business and make up to 300% – 500% PR0FIT just as I do.

If you order ths job Today, you see how to start your mini importation business in less than 24hours with just N10,000 and grow it up to N150,000 to N300,000 within few weeks, with video guides.

This is the exclusive mini importation guide for smart importers

What you will learn                   

·        The New Generation importation Portal where smart importers get items almost 1000% cheaper than what you get on Aliexpress and Alibaba

·        Top 20 Hot products you can import and make more than 500% profit per piece

·        How to source for these products 500% cheaper than what you get in Aliexpress and Alibaba

·        Shipping your items. Shipping can be very frustrating and expensive infact shipping can cost 2 – 3 times the cost of your purchased products. But I will show you how to use a Cheaper and Faster than DHL shipping system that you can use no matter where you live in Nigeria. The Best part is that, you only pay the shipping fee when your item gets to Nigeria. This is the new generation shipping only few persons know about.

·        The killer strategy to advertise on facebook and get massive orders daily

·        How to sale on Jumia, Konga and other Nigerian Ecommerce stores

·        The smartest, simplest and easiest way to deliver your products to your customer when they order

·        how to research hot selling product in Nigeria

·        Access to very powerful resources that will transform your mini importation business

·        How you can get your products branded and private labeled under your own name from china

To Get Easy Access to this HOT comprehensive Mini Importation course will cost you N5000 only. Order this job now. Your money gets to me only when you have confirmed that you have received what you paid for

The reason for asking you to pay ONLY N5000 for a whole comprehensive Mini Importation  course is because it took us several weeks of sleepless nights, trial and errors that has also cost several thousands of naira and so many hours of research and hardwork in putting this exclusive mini importation guide together .

This course has just been newly launched, and we thought we should allow the first 10 persons get access, before the price increases to the planned original price of N10,000

How to order for this course:

You can order online by clicking the Buy now button below this page.

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